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As stockbrokers we offer an Execution Only Stockbroking Service for clients who wish to implement their own investment decisions.

We also offer an Advisory Stockbroking Service for clients who appreciate the reassurance provided by Private Office Asset Management and their independently selected third-party City institution’s research experts.

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Execution Only Stockbroking Service


Our In-House Execution Only Stockbroking Service is designed for those who wish to benefit from our sophisticated secure nominee and trading facility, within which we set up a secure personalised account.

This service is suitable for sophisticated investors, who prefer to remain entirely responsible for their own investment decisions. We can respond quickly to your requests in order to execute your order with skill and efficiency.

You have 24/7 online access to your account.

Advisory Stockbroking Service

We have access to leading teams in the City who specialise in all securities including permanent interest bearing shares (PIBs), fixed income securities, preference shares and other income-oriented investments available via the stock market.

We are able to negotiate discounts with third-party specialists who offer fully bespoke Advisory Stockbroking Services for clients who take an active interest in the stock market and who largely wish to act on their own initiative when it comes to decisions relating to their investments.

This service is suitable for those who wish to manage their own portfolio but who do nevertheless value the reassurance of expert investment advice and execution services.

This service allows you to stay in full control of your investments.

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Private Office Asset Management Limited and Gladstone Morgan Limited have formed a Partnership to offer Individual and Corporate wealth management solutions to their clients and professional introducers via Gladstone Morgan Private Office Offshore, a trading style of Gladstone Morgan Limited, offshore Independent Financial Advisors.

Gladstone Morgan have 11 offshore wealth managers and support staff working across their offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok and Dubai.

Private Office acquired Austin Ryder Solicitors (established 1954) in 2018.

We provide legal services for Businesses & Individuals.

We have specialist teams working on the full legal aspects including Company Commercial, Real Estate, Dispute Resolution and Private Client.

Private Office Asset Management Limited and Simmonds (International) Financial Associates Limited have formed a Partnership whereby Private Office Asset Management provide bespoke investment management services to clients of Simmonds Private Office (Hong Kong) – which is a trading style of Simmonds (International) Financial Associates Limited.

The FCA stipulate that all investment managers must benchmark their investment performance against a relevant benchmark, so whereas we manage multi-asset client portfolios across a range of risk profiles, we will measure our performance against the toughest industry benchmarks so that our clients can easily see just how effective our investment performance is compared to the industry as a whole. 
Our investment management mandates range across the following risk profiles:
We use the latest industry risk profiling tools to ascertain our clients attitude to risk and tolerance for any loss in capital over a given a given time.  These produce risk profiles ranging between 1 and 10.  Below are the risk profile outputs and how we may manage a clients portfolio subject to in-depth discussions to ensure that we fully understand our clients objectives as well as their appetite for risk:
Risk Profiles:
1 & 2:    Bespoke Alternative to Cash (BACA) which we benchmark against the bank of England base rate plus 2%
3&4:       Cautious
5&6:       Balanced
7&8:       Growth
9&10:    Aggressive Growth
So “above benchmark performance” means that we regulatory outperform the toughest industry benchmarks for our clients across all risk profiles.

“BACA” – for company funds, charity funds, pension funds, trust settlements and private portfolios that need to be managed very conservatively with above inflation returns net of fees,  along with capital preservation being the overriding objectives – we are pleased to be able to put together a bespoke Private Office Asset Management low risk “Bespoke Alternative to Cash Accounts”  – typically benchmarked against the Bank of England Base Rate + 2%.

We have a consistent and successful track record of protecting capital and providing real returns after inflation (although past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance).

Ask us today about our proprietary low risk Bespoke Alternative to Cash Accounts (“BACAs”) as a potential alternative to some of your cash holdings that may be earning less interest than the annual rate of inflation – and causing your capital to be diminishing in value on an annual basis in real terms. We can tailor the portfolio to your individual specific risk requirements & return objectives.