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As stockbrokers we offer an Execution Only Stockbroking Service for clients who wish to implement their own investment decisions.

We also offer an Advisory Stockbroking Service for clients who appreciate the reassurance provided by Private Office Asset Management and their independently selected third-party City institution’s research experts.

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Execution Only Stockbroking Service


Our In-House Execution Only Stockbroking Service is designed for those who wish to benefit from our sophisticated secure nominee and trading facility, within which we set up a secure personalised account.

This service is suitable for sophisticated investors, who prefer to remain entirely responsible for their own investment decisions. We can respond quickly to your requests in order to execute your order with skill and efficiency.

You have 24/7 online access to your account.

Advisory Stockbroking Service

We have access to leading teams in the City who specialise in all securities including permanent interest bearing shares (PIBs), fixed income securities, preference shares and other income-oriented investments available via the stock market.

We are able to negotiate discounts with third-party specialists who offer fully bespoke Advisory Stockbroking Services for clients who take an active interest in the stock market and who largely wish to act on their own initiative when it comes to decisions relating to their investments.

This service is suitable for those who wish to manage their own portfolio but who do nevertheless value the reassurance of expert investment advice and execution services.

This service allows you to stay in full control of your investments.

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