Weekly Investment Overview – 28th September 2020

Welcome to our weekly investment overview, we provide these to all our investment clients and we thought it would make for interesting reading for visitors to our website as well.

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Private Office Asset Management Weekly Report – 28th September 2020
“With no confirmed vaccine for the
virus as Autumn approaches, there
is additional strain on Western
government resources as they
attempt to stave off a second wave.
In Europe higher levels of testing
and lower positivity rates suggest
the infection level is not as great as
in the spring. However, the rapid
spread remains a concern.
Prospects of a sharp economic
recovery are fading and the market
is demanding further stimulus.
However, sell-offs, as just witnessed
in the US, will be contained by the
low level of interest rates and
vaccine and stimulus hopes.
may find that the year’s high has
already been hit and volatility
continues around the current
Markets will continue to be
weighed down by rising cases, fresh
lockdowns, election uncertainty and
lack of fiscal support in the US.
We must remember that the market
is a discounting mechanism and the
volatility we are experiencing is the
market pricing in these factors. With
a market experiencing a correction
there remains 10% or so upside to
be achieved should there be any
good news.” 

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