Weekly Investment Overview – 14th September 2020

Welcome to our weekly investment overview, we provide these to all our investment clients and we thought it would make for interesting reading for visitors to our website as well.

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Private Office Asset Management Weekly Report – 14th September 2020

Closing Thoughts: 

“The negatives on the horizon are the
US election, renewed lockdowns,
economic weakness, markets
hungry for stimulus and ongoing USChina tension. September and
October are statically volatile
months with historically poor

Could any of those factors,
or a combination, lead to a renewed
It is worth remembering that
technology earnings are expected to
be flat in Q3 2020 versus Q3 2019. 

This is way ahead of expectations for
any other sector in a year that has
been hugely damaging to the global
economy. This is maybe why they
attract such a premium and are also
causing such confusion amongst

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